Let the fun begin!!

    Hello Everyone!

      Welcome new and returning families to the Shaler SeaDogs! For those of you who didn’t get my last email or who were unable to attend the parent meeting last night just a couple important reminders...

    ⭐️ PRACTICE HAS STARTED! We are practicing inside, thank goodness as I type this during a terrible thunderstorm⛈, the Summer SeaDogs practice from 6-7 pm at the elementary school for the remainder of this week and all of next week. After that we’ll be at our regularly scheduled time (10-11 am) and place (Outside! Crawford Pool).

    ⭐️ I do realize that we overlap with some SASC group practices. My main concern and focus was getting the kids who do not swim year round or who were not currently swimming club this spring season in the water as we only have 1️⃣ outdoor practice before our first meet😬

    ⭐️Next week! Wednesday, June 5th and Tuesday, June 6th the coaches will be taking times! Please have your swimmer attend one of these summer practices so that the coaches can get baseline times.

    ⭐️For club families... just like when we’re outside your swimmers have the opportunity to swim at both practices or one or the other...it is up to you which practice they attend or if they go to both. We do encourage all swimmers to try and attend summer practice as much as they can. Summer is more team oriented, attending practices gives the swimmers time to get to know their teammates and the coaches to know the swimmers.

    ⭐️ I know it’s slightly confusing to new families, with one pool and some crossover coaches, but I promise it’ll all make sense once we really get going. As always if anyone has any questions please email me or grab either Jeanine or myself at practice and we’ll help in any way we can. I have much more but that’s enough information for one email...



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