First Meet Tomorrow!!

    Good Afternoon!

      It ended up being a beautiful morning for our first outdoor practice! Tomorrow evening is our first meet, please read through this entire email, I have lots of important information to share!

    ⭐️ We are AWAY tomorrow evening. Community Swim Club 100 Aqua Dr., Pgh, 15238.

    I received parking information from Community.  There are 3 areas available to park. There is a paved lot directly in front of the pool, an overflow grass lot (there will be signs), or at the community center directly adjacent to the pool. Where NOT to park...on Aqua Drive itself, it is a residential street and no parking is permitted.

    ⭐️Please arrive at 5:30, warm up at 6:00, meet begins at 6:30. Weather looks to be dry but could possibly be chilly in the evening. Please pack your child’s bag appropriately. Need a list? There’s one on the website under the Information tab....Swim Meets 101.

    ⭐️Swimmers are to remain in our designated seeding area for the entire meet!! If they need to use the restroom make sure they talk to a coach so we know where they are. Swimmers should NOT be sitting with their parents or be in the concession area. We have a very large team and these meets move very quickly.  Seeders and coaches need to be able to find swimmers for their events. Pack some healthy snacks and water, they can visit the concession area when they are finished swimming.

    ⭐️Speaking of seeders...we still need seeders for the meet tomorrow!! We are short on coaches for tomorrow night.  Seeding is vitally important to the meet running smoothly. There are other volunteer jobs available also, please check the sign up. Reminder that volunteer checks are due to either Jeanine or myself, please see one of us at practice if you have yet to turn yours in.

    ⭐️Please stay to the end of the meet! We are a team!! Swimmers may change when they have finished but please have them check with their coach first.  Last minute changes DO happen!

    ⭐️Last thing, I promise... We are guests at this pool. Please make sure your swimmers area is cleaned up after the meet. We need to leave it as clean as it was when we arrived. 



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