Looks like we are going to have an unpredictable week this week as far as the weather and meets are concerned. Here’s what you need to know for tomorrow...

    ⭐️ We are AWAY at Avonworth 498 Camp Horne Rd, 15237. Arrive at 5:30, warm up at 6:00, meet begins at 6:30. Traffic will be heavy at our arrival time and turning into their pool from Camp Horne Rd can get backed up. Please allow yourself plenty of time. Please declare your swimmers ASAP if you haven’t done so already for both of this weeks meets.

    ⭐️Rain and storms are in the forecast. We will try and make a call as early as possible and I will let everyone know. Ultimately, it is the home teams decision as to if the meet goes on and when the make up date would be if it comes to that. Please do not leave if we start the meet and have to vacate the pool area because of a storm we will resume the meet after it passes.

    I think that’s all! I will be in touch tomorrow with a go or no go! 



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