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    Good Afternoon!

      Great meet last night!! So unbelievably close, I think that was the closest scoring meet I’ve ever been to. Fantastic swimming and always a big thanks to our volunteers who made it all run well. On to tomorrow...

    ⭐️We are at home tomorrow evening against Ingomar North. Please arrive at 5:00, warmup at 5:30, meet begins at 6:30. Again, the weather is trying to put me into Western Psych...storms are in the forecast.  No news is good news, please assume the meet is on unless you hear from me otherwise. 

    ⭐️Please declare your swimmers for tomorrow ASAP if you haven’t done so already. And please check the volunteer sign ups and help if you haven’t done so already as well. The meet will lock tonight and no one will be able to change availability after the coaches begin to do the lineup. If you have to pull your swimmer unexpectedly please email myself or a coach as soon as possible so changes to the lineup can be made. 

    ⭐️We will be eating at Casey’s after the meet! Please join us! 

    I think that’s all I’ve got...



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