Gold Relay Champs Info


      Fantastic swimming last night at Individual Champs! It’s always a fun meet for kids and parents! Relay Champs on Thursday here’s the info...

    ⭐️ The meet is at Avonworth, 498 Camp Horne Rd, Pgh, 15237. Please arrive at 4:30, warm up 5:00, meet begins at 5:40. We only get 15 minutes to warm up, please try to arrive on time!

    ⭐️ There will be Ohio Township police and parking attendants to assist with parking at the meet. Please follow the signs and attendants instructions so they can get as many cars as they can in the parking lot. 

    ⭐️ Awards will be given at the conclusion of the meet for both regular season and the championship meet. While we probably will not be receiving either, please stay for the entire meet and awards. It shows good sportsmanship for us to stay and congratulate the winning teams on their season. 

    I think that is everything, see you tomorrow evening.

    ...and one final time from me...



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