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Swim Meets 101


  • RSVP’ing to summer swim meets will be completed on this swimtopia website. 
  • To sign up for swim meets, once logged in to your Seadogs swimtopia account:
  • Click on the “Swim Meets” tab
  • Click on the green “Meet Entry” tab
  • For each child, click either Available (they will attend the meet) or Not Available (my child cannot attend the meet.)
  • Make sure that the page has saved.
  • To ensure the coaching staff has enough time to create the line ups, we are asking to make sure that you have RSVP’ed by the Friday before the next set of meets.


  • Volunteer sign ups are also in the same area that you sign up for meets.
  • Without volunteers, swim meets are impossible.
  • Job descriptions are under the “NHSSL Volunteer Descriptions” tab
  • Volunteers get the best seat in the house- right on the pool deck
  • To Sign up:
    • Click on the “Swim Meets” tab
    • Click on the green “Job Signup” tab
    • Choose which job you would like to sign up for
    • Submit your choice

Seadogs Meets 101

  • Home Meets
    • Arrival: 5:00 pm
    • Warm Ups: 5:30 – 6:00 pm
    • Meet Start: 6:30 pm
  • Away Meets
    • Arrival: 5:30 pm
    • Warm Ups: 6:00- 6:30 pm
    • Meet Start: 6:30 pm
    • Home meets will be held in the same area that practice is held. There will be parent volunteers to sign in each child, as well as to write the child’s events on their hand. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN LEAVE UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN SIGNED IN. Sign in helps ensure that every child is accounted for, and helps the coaches know if line-ups need to be changed.
  • Just a friendly reminder that parents are not permitted on the pool deck during practice and meets. It is often very scattered, and adding more people on deck just intensifies it.
  • As soon as we are allowed to come into the pool area, the children will sit in their assigned area. This is by age group. Having them seated in this way helps the seeders and coaching staff locate swimmers when they are needed to swim. It is crucial that ALL swimmers stay in the team area. If any child needs to leave the pool deck to use the restroom, they need to ask one of the coaches.
  • Until warm-ups begin, swimmers will remain in the team area until they are called over to warm up, and once they are done, they will return there.
  • When the children are signed in, they will have their event number and stroke they are swimming written on their hand. The best way for you to know what your child is swimming is to take a picture of their hands!
  • With that being said, sometimes these events change. It is up to the decision of the coaching staff for these changes. So, if a child is in a different event than what is listed, do not worry.
  • Also, sometimes your child will be placed in an event that they are not fond of. This is also okay! These meets are meant to have fun and not to be stressful. When making line-ups the coaching staff takes everyone’s abilities into consideration. You never know if you will like it until you try it!
  • Post meet
    • All swimmers will gather in our team area to cheer and have announcements. Please do not leave before the meet is over! We may need your child to swim in an event after their assigned events, so please check with your age group coach before getting dressed!
  • Guidelines for meets
    • Apparel-Our team colors are red, white, and blue. It is recommened for swimmers to have a bathing suit (girls, one piece, please) of those colors to help encourage team unity!
    • Technology will not be allowed in the team area. We are at a pool so it runs the risk of getting ruined, so alleviate the worry by not even bringing it with you! Also, having headphones in increases your risk of missing events, which we definitely do not want! 
      • Swim meets are about bonding and having fun! Group games like cards, loom bracelets, and other things of the sort are encouraged!
    • Snacks- Something light and easy to transport is the best for swim meets
      • Ex: goldfish, pretzels, fruit, etc.
    • Water, Water, Water! It will still be hot and sunny when the meets start, and water helps keep swimmers hydrated and cool better than sugary sports drinks.
  • What to pack in my swim bag
    • Bathing suit, Goggles, swim cap
    • extras of everything (Not recommended, but HIGHLY encouraged) you never know if something will break, or a friend will forget something!
    • Extra towels … the pool deck is very wet
    • Light snack
    • Water bottle
    • Sunscreen 
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